Worship Songs

Worship Wednesday – ‘When God Ran’

The prodigal son wandered far from home - he was lost and living in a loveless world. When he acknowledged the fact that he was a sinner, he humbly returned home. To his Father. It was then that he realized that his Father had been waiting for him all along. Watching and waiting. In the… Continue reading Worship Wednesday – ‘When God Ran’

Worship Songs

Worship Wednesday – “He Is Enough”

There is something truly powerful that occurs when we make God first in our lives. Hence why these lyrics stand out – "My God, He is enough... He is enough for me with all my soul I sing For He has shown His love it brings me to my knees How He would take His life… Continue reading Worship Wednesday – “He Is Enough”


Staying Cool In An Overheated World

We seem to be living in a world that is literally overheating – well according to some scientists! However, contrary to the fierce debate that surrounds the issue of global warming, there is enough evidence to incarcerate and convict some of us of living - overheating or altogether overheated lives; individual and internal forms of… Continue reading Staying Cool In An Overheated World